First conference is a huge success

The first ever FIM Women + Sustainability Conference held over the last two days in Jerez, Spain ahead of the FIM Gala Ceremony has been declared a huge success with great attendances and feedback across all the various sessions that have been hosted in the historic surroundings of the Museos de la Atalaya.

Summing up Kattia Hernandez - FIM International Environment Commission Director stated. “It has been beyond our expectations, our panelists have been fantastic we have learnt so much from them and they have also inspired the audiences that in turn has created an incredible level of interaction from all the parties who have attended.”

“As we know that until now it has not been common practice to talk about these kind of subjects in the motorcycle community, but now this is a moment of change and is an important time in the history of the FIM as it is clear that we can use our sport to communicate these messages. Now our challenge is to continue to build on the foundations we have created here in Jerez and to look how we can improve them in the future, not just in terms of the conference, but our overall sustainability programme to ensure we can always leave a legacy through our work.”

Reinforcing these comments Nita Korhonen - FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission Director added. “I am really impressed by the feedback and the level of engagement, we always had a great vision about this conference, but now it has become reality over the last two days here in Jerez. The response to the sheer quality and level of our panelists has been really overwhelming. We already knew their CV’s, but to hear their stories of accomplishment first hand has educated us all. It is clear we have to do another conference in the future. We can adapt and learn from this first edition, and perhaps to be able to take it outside of Europe in the future would really help us extend and share our work on a truly global basis.”