Legends begin to gather

With now just one day to go before the sixth edition of the FIM Gala Ceremony, the Spanish city of Jerez this morning is beginning to welcome the FIM Legends who will join the current FIM World Champions on stage tomorrow evening at the Teatro Villamarta.

Women’s FIM Legend Martine de Cortanze was already in town having played her part in the FIM Women + Sustainability Conference over the last couple of days and was happy to explain how it feels to be here in Jerez. “Women in motorcycling is a big story at the moment, I am kind of in the middle ages when it comes to female racers as when I started back in the seventies I was alone amongst the boys. It was good to share my experiences, especially with the new generation of girls, it was both interesting and very nice. The invitation from the FIM came out of the blue, but it is a great honour and I am looking forward to tomorrow evening.”

Finland’s FIM Motocross Legend Heikki Mikkola shared his thoughts about being here ready for the FIM Gala Ceremony. “It’s good to be here to see the new motocross champions and also the champions from the other disciplines. Also I hear that Roger DeCoster will be here too, so it will be nice to meet again my old rival after at least ten years. I missed last year’s ceremony because I was ill, so it was nice to be invited back again.”

Having flown in from the UK late last night Trial Legend Mick Andrews was pleased to wake up to warmer weather and is delighted at the prospect of meeting the other FIM Legends and FIM World Champions over the next two days.

Commenting Andrews said. “It seems like a long, long time since I was at the top of my career, although I am still riding now at the age of seventy one. I am proud to be here in Jerez and to have been asked to by the FIM to be part of what I am sure will be a wonderful occasion. It is a real dream come true to have the chance to meet the new FIM World Champions, as I still follow all the motorcycle sports with great interest.”

“I am really looking forward to meeting Toni Bou, as what he can do on a Trial bike is simply incredible and is not something that I ever thought would be possible. So it will be good to be able to shake his hand and congratulate him in person.”