It’s not just about winning…


Sport is not just about winning – it is also about sportsmanship, respect, fairness and sharing. Fair Play, being a good winner as well as a good loser, is an essential part of all sports. But sometimes, winning or losing matters less than these core values sport teaches us. Let us not forget that sport may be a competition but it is first and foremost an activity to be enjoyed for its own sake.

Candidates must show outstanding conduct and a remarkable sense of respect, placing safety and camaraderie first. The FIM Fair Play Trophy is not necessarily awarded each year, and that gives it a special meaning to those who have the honour of receiving it. As part of the elite of motorsport, riders have a social responsibility and therefore must inspire fans with the sense of Fair Play that they demonstrate.

This year’s candidates have both shown their sense of Fair Play by helping others in a distressing situation. Their commitment to such an act of Fair Play is admirable proof of support, kindness and solidarity. They are true role models for the motorcycling community.


Moto Clube do Porto (POR)

John and Beth Pineo, two Canadian motorcyclists, were involved in a terrible traffic accident after attending the FIM Mototour of Nations in Porto in 2016. Whilst in hospital, the couple were regularly visited by members of the Moto Clube do Porto, who brought them fruit, pastries and reading materials. They also took care of relaying the couples’ concerns to medical staff, in a country where not everybody is fluent in English, acting as liaison link with the hospital staff.

Jens Pester (DEU)

During the 2016 ISDE in Spain, Jens stopped during the race to help an injured rider. Regardless of his own time loss, he brought the rider out of harm’s way and gave him first aid. No one had stopped or reported the accident previously, and the German rider acted carefully and selflessly, making the injured rider his priority.


Mr Andrzej Witkowski (POL)
(Chairman) – FIM Vice-President, Polish Federation (PZM) 

Mr Pedro Venturo (PER)
(Member) - FIM Latin America President

Mr Wan Zaharuddin Van Ahmad (MYS)
(Member) - FIM Asia President

Mr Josep Punti (AND)
(Member) - Andorra Federation (FMA)

Mr Steve Aeschlimann (SUI)
(Member) - FIM CEO