Late night rehearsal

Last night saw the first rehearsal take place for this evening’s FIM Gala Ceremony inside the Teatro Villamarta that sits in the centre of the Spanish city of Jerez. The full technical run through allowed British hosts Matthew Roberts, Lisa Leyland and Gavin Emmett to perfect their scripts and reacquaint themselves with the surroundings as the various engineers on hand tweaked the lights, smoke and sound in the theatre.

With these various adjustments having now been made, the cast will complete their final dress rehearsal this morning to ensure that everything will be perfect for tonight’s performance when the stars of the show – The FIM World Champions and FIM Legends – step out on stage to collect their respective awards.


The sixth edition of the FIM Gala Ceremony this coming Sunday – 22 November in Jerez, Spain will hosted by a trio of British talent all of whom are currently amongst the leading presenters in motorcycle racing. Better known for their work on the small screen inside the MotoGP paddock Matthew Roberts and Gavin Emmett will be joined by Lisa Leyland who herself has become the face of MXGP in more recent times.

Having now arrived in Jerez the Anglo threesome are now working on adding the final touches to their script ahead of tomorrow’s actual FIM Gala Ceremony rehearsal. Making the most of the late winter sun in the Southern Spanish city, which is in some contrast to the weather in their native UK at this time of year, Matthew, Gavin and Lisa congregated in the beautiful grounds of the Museos de la Atalaya this afternoon for their official photo shoot.

You can watch the three British presenters on stage with all the 2015 FIM World Champions and FIM Legends at this year’s FIM Gala Ceremony LIVE via the app at 20.30hrs (local time) this Sunday evening. 


Sunday 22 November will see the strongest ever line up of presenters for this the sixth edition of the FIM Gala Ceremony, which will be hosted for a second time in the Spanish city of Jerez. Whilst the talented trio of Lisa Leyland, Matthew Roberts and Gavin Emmett, all of whom have a rich motorcycle pedigree, having previously graced the stage at the FIM Gala Ceremony never before have the three of them lined up together. 

From their short respective bios - that can be found in the PROGRAMME section - it is clear that this formidable British threesome will add an extra dimension to this already unique occasion when the great and good from two-wheel racing gather under one roof. 

A full list of 2016 FIM World Champions and FIM Legends can be found in the PROGRAMME section.


Over the last almost twelve months the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera has enjoyed the proud honour of being appointed by the FIM as the first ever World Capital of Motorcycling.

This appointment was a new initiative to help raise awareness of the range of FIM motorcycling activities and to promote the host region simultaneously, in doing so giving Worldwide visibility to both.

Already a popular and well established stop on the FIM MotoGP calendar, Jerez has also welcomed an extensive programme of events during 2015 which included rounds of the Superbike, Enduro, Supermoto, Freestyle MX and of course MotoGP championships.

In addition to a packed schedule of sporting activities the beautiful Spanish city of Jerez will also host the FIM Women and Sustainability Conference just prior to the second coming of the FIM Gala Ceremony which will take place on Sunday 22 November.

Gavin and Lisa ready to host FIM Gala 2014


Having spent almost the last decade and a half as part of the MotoGP tour, Gavin is a highly respected and recognised sports broadcaster, especially within the two-wheel community. His roles have included being the voice of the World feed, and on screen reporter for the BBC, and he is now a part of the new BT Sport MotoGP team.

Whilst this will be Gavin’s first time at the FIM Gala, his co-presenter Lisa Leyland is now making here second appearance in this key role atthis prestigious event with her having also graced the stage in Monaco last year. Lisa is also an established face on the small screen, with her having been the presenter for the FIM Endurance World Championship, the FIM International Six Days Enduro, the FIM X-Trial World Championship and the FIM Motocross World Championship.  

Both Gavin and Lisa are already in town preparing for Sunday night’s event.

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