Beyond sport, for motorcycling


The 2017 FIM Awards crowned 35 World Champions in Andorra-la-Vella on 26 November. Our prestigious celebration of the sporting season was also the perfect stage on which to present the Fair Play Trophy and reward our Awardees in the FIM’s “Beyond Sport” categories: Women in Motorcycling, Road Safety and the Environment.  We hope that these FIM Award winners will inspire future candidates and raise awareness of the FIM’s commitment to these important fields of endeavour.

Fair Play Trophy – Moto Clube do Porto (POR)

Sport is not just about winning – it is also about sportsmanship, respect, fairness and sharing. These values also extend to the FIM’s other key areas of interest, including Tourism. John and Beth Pineo, two Canadian motorcyclists, were involved in a terrible traffic accident after attending the FIM Mototour of Nations in Porto in 2016. Whilst in hospital, the couple were regularly visited by members of the Moto Clube do Porto, who brought them fruit, pastries and reading materials. They also took care of relaying the couples’ concerns to medical staff, in a country where not everybody is fluent in English, acting as liaison link with the hospital staff. This year’s Awardee has shown an outstanding sense of Fair Play by helping others in a distressing situation. Their acts of kindness to fellow-motorcyclists in distress are a clear demonstration of the values of sportsmanship.

Women in Motorcycling – Women’s Committee - Western Australia (AUS)

Increasing and promoting the presence of women in motorcycling is an important part of the FIM's vision. With this Award, through promotion, education and communication, the FIM and its Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM) aim to encourage greater awareness of women active in all motorcycling–related activities. The Women’s Committee – Motorcycling Western Australia (MWA) was established in 2014 with the objective of promoting and building women’s/girls’ participation in motorcycle sport in Western Australia, as riders, volunteers, coaches and officials, advocating on behalf of women/girls with promoters/clubs/state for opportunity and recognition, and building social capital and support networks amongst participants to encourage longevity in the sport. The MWA has successfully worked to help women be increasingly valued and included in the motorcycling world, thereby improving women’s experience of motorcycling.

Road Safety Award – Norsk Motorcykkel Union (NMCU) “Full Kontroll

Every year, millions of riders roam the roads worldwide. In order to help them to stay safe while enjoying the ride, the FIM Road Safety Award promotes initiatives or technology improving road traffic safety, particularly for powered two wheelers. Full Kontroll is a motorcycling rider training manual originally written for use in Norway. Subsequently the NMCU decided to produce an English edition and share it freely with the whole motorcycling world. Over the years it has been further developed and today is distributed as an e-book rather than in the original hard copy form. The project is developing further with a new series of videos. FIM experts consider this book to be one of the best training manuals ever written. It covers more than just machine control skills; the psychology of riding and driving is examined in detail so that riders can learn to be good partners in traffic with other road users. Motorcycling safety is one of the FIM’s strategic priorities, and 2017 Awardee NMCU’s Full Kontroll manual is a brilliant solution aimed at making the roads a little safer for motorcyclists.

Environmental Award – MSC Grevenbroich

Environmental impact is one of the major issues we face when it comes to organising motorcycling events. Negative impact on the natural environment must be minimised whilst positive impact must be enhanced, making motorcycling an even more sustainable and green community. The FIM is committed to raising awareness and promoting green solutions throughout the entire motorcycling world. The German Motocross club MSC Grevenbroich has launched a vast awareness programme as well as working to protect biodiversity, especially certain endangered amphibian species on their site. Through educational measures and day-to-day action in the field, MSC Grevenbroich’s volunteers have managed to secure the population of amphibians as well as reinforcing the message that motorsport and the environment are not polar opposites. Their actions clearly reflect the FIM’s concern for protection and preservation of the environment, encouraging environmental management systems and “green” programmes.

2017 FIM Road Safety Award


Safer riding, safer conditions, safer roads.

Every year, millions of riders roam the roads world-wide. In order to help them to stay safe while enjoying the ride, the FIM Road Safety Award promotes initiatives or technology improving road traffic safety, particularly for powered two wheelers.  The award may be conferred on an individual, a club, a national federation a governmental organisation, a non-governmental organisation, or a commercial entity. Through this award, the FIM wishes to encourage new solutions to diminish accidents, especially fatal injuries, making motorcycling an even safer passion.

The award can concern different aspects of safety such as improved gear, emergency procedures, devices or infrastructure. It also rewards actions that raise awareness of the existing risks and the precautions motorcyclists should take. Such actions can vary from safety guides to awareness campaigns or prevention stands. Instructors and learning material are valuable assets to the motorcycling community, relaying the latest safety measures to ensure minimum risk and maximum pleasure.

Road safety is also a major preoccupation in research and in policies. Improving material and innovating new alert systems is as fundamental as lobbying for appropriate road safety laws and advocating for safe riding conditions. Motorcycling safety is an essential part of the FIM’s values and this award is here to try to make sure that every day the roads become a little safer for motorcyclists.



“Stayin’ Alive” Prevention Campaign – Federation of Swiss Motorcyclists (FMS) (SUI)
The campaign aims to raise road safety awareness amongst motorcyclists and reduce accident rates. It innovates by speaking to riders in an inclusive way, through advertising and at events. Results show that the 2014-2017 campaign has succeeded in overcoming the defensive attitude towards accident prevention campaigns adopted by many motorcyclists up to now.

Impact Laboratory – Aragón Institute for Engineering Research, University of Zaragoza (ESP)
This lab is dedicated to road safety for riders and handles numerous projects geared to rider safety, safer infrastructure, and safer motorcycles.

Liberty Rider (FRA)
This French company is a leading innovator in the use of mobile phone technology to improve rider safety. Their Liberty Rider app places an automated call to emergency services in the event of a traffic accident.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (USA)
The MSF is a not-for-profit organisation and the main rider training provider in the USA. Through an innovative E-learning platform, it has reached out to 145,000 riders in 53 countries across the world to teach learner motorcyclists about safer riding.

Nepal Automobile Sports Association (NASA) (NPL)
NASA has been nominated for its innovative work in road safety in the form of a national campaign addressing all aspects of safer riding. It has also carried out advocacy work linked to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Norwegian Motorcycle Union (NMCU) – “Full Kontroll” (NOR)
NMCU has developed the highly regarded rider training manual “Full Kontroll” and shared an English language edition with the whole motorcycling world free of charge. The latest addition is a set of videos to accompany the text.

Mr Omar Zarour (JOR)
Nominated for his dedication to improving road safety in Jordan and the wider Arab world, Mr Zarour has also devoted much of his free time over a period of two years to preparing an Arabic edition of the Norwegian rider training manual “Full Kontroll”.



The FIM Road Safety Awards winner is chosen by a panel of independent experts with an international reputation.

Mr Antonio Avenoso (ITA)
Executive Director, European Transport Safety Council

Dr Luciana Iorio (ITA)
Chair, United Nations Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety (WP1 UN ECE)

Dr-Ing, Achim Kuschefski (GER)
Director, Institut für Zweiradsicherheite e.V. (ifz Germany)

Mr Tim Buche* (USA)
President & CEO of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation USA

Dr Rohit Baluja (IND)
President, Indian Institute of Road Traffic

Mr Jesper Christensen (DEN)
Director, FIM Public Affairs Commission

Mr Andrezej Witkowski (POL)
Chair, FIM Awards and Recognition Committee


*Recused himself in 2017, MSF being a candidate.