Pekka Paivarinta

Pekka Päivärinta & Kirsi Kainulainen

2016 FIM Sidecar World Champions

Driver Pekka Päivärinta: Born on 11 January 1971 in Helsinki, Finland.

Passenger Kirsi Kainulainen: Born on 23 November 1985 in Lisalmi, Finland.


The long history of the FIM Sidecar World Championship reached a watershed chapter in 2016, with the final year of 1000cc racing. This was also to go down in the annals as the first season to see not only a female Grand Prix winner but also a female World Champion, thanks to passenger Kirsi Kainulainen and her male driver Pekka Paivarinta (BMW LCR). The Finnish pair clinched the title thanks to a podium-perfect campaign that began at the first of nine rounds, at a rain-soaked Le Mans, where they came second to Tim Reeves and Gregory Cluze (Yamaha LCR).

The Anglo-French pairing had some technical issues after that, but fought their way back by the final round at Donington Park. However, their victory at the British circuit was not enough to deny the Flying Finns with their perfect partnership, who took a safe second to clinch a memorable first title together.

The French pairing of Sebastien Dellanoy and Kevin Rousseau (Suzuki LCR), who joined the World Champions on the podium no fewer than six times, were worthy third-place finishers. With the 2017 season set to welcome in a new 600cc era, the face of the FIM Sidecar World Championship has already been changed forever.


Pekka Päivärinta (Driver) (FIN) – FIM Sidecar World Champion
5 Sidecar World titles (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016)

Kirsi Kainulainen (Passenger) (FIN) – FIM Sidecar World Champion
1 Sidecar World title (2016)